NERD MAN servicing and prices

NERD MAN does not charge by the hour but rather by the job at hand. This ensures the client will know exactly what to expect and everything is transparent. This also means the job is not rushed and that a quality job is ensured.

All prices include GST but can vary without notice. The prices are based on the general assumptions made during the initial consultation however a more specific price may be provided after a thorough diagnostic of your computer issue.

Services and Prices

Prices below do not include hardware.

Service call-out fee  $80
 Diagnostics fee  $35 to $50
 ADSL/NBN/Cable/Mobile Broadband Setup
 - with Secure wireless
 Hard drive installation  $45
 Hard drive replacement
This is to replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system if required. Also includes basic software packages.
 From $180
 Internet or email issues  $35-$70
 Network setup
  - home networks
  - small business networks

 $70 to $150
 $70 to $300
 New computer set up  $133
 Windows upgrade  $100
 Windows wipe and reload
  - up to 50 gig of data to backup
  - over 50 gig of data to backup

 Peripheral installation  $35 per device
 Printer issues  $35 to $50
 Software installations  $35 per package
 System clean
Clean registry, remove unwanted programs and files, scan and remove spyware and remove dust from the operating system
 $70 to $100
 Video/Audio Tape Convertion
   Video format - VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV
- To USB/Portable Hard Drive
- To DVD



NERD MAN carries basic hardware for general maintenance and servicing issues. Specialised hardware needs to be ordered prior to the service call. In the case of large, expensive equipment, NERD MAN will organise the equipment and the client then contacts the supplier and pays them directly. NERD MAN will pick up the delivery and install the equipment onto the computer.